“A Kicky Look”

By Tina Sutton  |  January 7, 2007

WHAT’S IN Friends complaining you’ve got no soul? Stop with the boring black or brown socks and step up to styles with personality. After many seasons of wild and crazy shirts and ties, menswear designers are covering new ground, offering up loads of amusing and eye-catching socks. Geometric patterns in lively colors add an unexpected pop to an otherwise conservative suit and are a guaranteed conversation starter when crossing your legs at a meeting. Taking a toehold in edgy menswear are light-colored socks worn with dark trousers. The most extreme looks feature pants with shortened cuffs, part of the geek-chic trend from Europe.

WHO’S WEARING IT For preppies, multicolored argyles, checks, and stripes are sure to put a spring in the step. The well-heeled may prefer monochromatic palettes in complicated textures and patterns. And for rebels without a cause, skulls, politically incorrect symbols, and tattoo designs are good for a laugh.

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