Engineered Garments Editorial for Drinkwater’s on Metropolitan Society

Metropolitan Society is an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to art, design, fashion,architecture, food, and other creative endeavors.

This well-received collaboration between Drinkwater’s and Metropolitan Society’s Creative Director, Stephen Hopkins displays the functionality of the Engineered Garments brand, as well as the versatility of each piece.

The title, Botanica, was inspired by  Engineered Garments’ homegrown process of designing and making these clothes which directly parallels the same qualities one must have when maintaining and molding a garden.

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  1. […] the right price point. This esthetic has been a feature in our store since we opened in 2004 with Engineered Garments by Daiki Suzuki. We bought Universal Works for fall/winter 2010 and are anxious for its arrival. […]

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